bartul plavac mali
rukatac (maraština)
bartul dingač plavac mali - Dingac slopes
bartul rosé plavac mali
bartul Vrana plavac mali
dingač dessert wine plavac mali - Dingac slopes
Reopened in 1989, after more than 40 years being a member of the local cooperative winery, introducing new modern technologies and sustainable vineyard and winery management has been positioned as one of the pioneers of private and organic wine production in our area. Vineyards covers 3 ha in total, spread on several smaller parcels which allows us to make different wine styles. Altitude of the vineyards varies between 50 m to 400 m above sea level and different types of soil. Annual production is around 14.000 bottles, 80 % local red variety "Plavac mali" and 20 % white Rukatac. Traditional work in the vineyards, natural fermentation, no filtering, modern equipment makes our wines true representatives of our soil and climate.

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